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Theme: 'Resistance' - Vesa Peltonen Art


Vesa Peltonen - H.B.F.A.  B.Ed. ~ artist, designer, educator


Theme: Selection of Artworks relating to theme 'RESISTANCE'

Selected from my Main Artworks/ New Media art. [all 20"h x 26"w] 

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Below the four Artworks is an explanation of the art in relation to the theme.


'Immersed in Ocean' -Vesa Peltonen



'Under the Water #4' - Vesa Peltonen




'Girl Alone in Pool' - Vesa Peltonen  




'Figure in Aqua-Teal'  - Vesa Peltonen  



My Art method. To note, much of my work for quite awhile has had a relation with water, almost an obsession, but a study. I very often use photography as one medium, as a means to an end. The process can be done using a mix media, as enlarging the photo, [which may be colour or b x w image]. At times I've added by hand cut-outs to the photo, of some sort, to airbrushing, acrylic paint, however it's usually not complex. Ultimately, a work in progress is input/scanned into my computer. Then it becomes manipulation with art software tools. Some take longer, others less time, to get the impression I prefer. I like some balance of planned and spontaneity, some surprise in colour to effect. They are all 20"h x 26"w on quality paper. I do the whole process myself. It's 'New media/with digital' in the method/process. One print I often now do. I even may apply something like pastel, just to mention, only if I feel it appropriate.



The Theme Explanation as it relates to the Water and Figures:


'Resistance: A psychological view.


Vesa Peltonen artist/art educator -New media art/digital- 4 related Artworks




Jumping in to being near deep water, is a fear, a hesitation, can take time and once you do it, you get slowly to a more self confident state of mind. Water is symbolic of hitting a wall, falling over, an obstacle that can represent fear to one and exciting for another.


We are unconsciously ready and willing to participate in our own misery. Resistance is like an invisible barrier, that stands between individuals with potential and the actualized self they so much want to become. The 'water,' I've feared and thus over time, have had an almost an obsession to create artworks of a 'vague/ambiguous' looking figures in the water in anxiety sort of positions. It's symbolic of a likely fear of once immersed into a situation, as like being immersed into water, then you deal with it; you walk out, or away from it, maybe still avoid it. Creating the art in itself was a natural progress of perceiving water as a form, in structure and in content putting myself into the picture. The art I like as I can easily see me in it, as it's apart of me, being meaningful, as well as enjoying the boldness, colour and expression.


I know that bringing this resistance into view is vitally important to my personal growth. We as humans have various kinds of neurosis continually or at times, as to "hit a wall", do fall over, then get back up, and incomprehensibly repeat the procedure. The expression 'hitting a wall' is like, "I can't go on", to "I feel disinterest, or some anxiety just came over me".


It's somewhere in between a fear of failure, although having had successes in my art career, doubts still arise. Disinterest has happened, but good it has been at some point either been diverted to other interests, or rejuvenated to some degree and being able to adapt I learned is important. We adapt all the time in our fast moving world and it's surprising we do, but it does come with various issues where the goal is to be comfortable with oneself and for whatever period of time, our envionment. It's about trying to challenge one's limits and asking, myself,"how far will I get in life"?


I don’t even know much of the time I'm smacking into a wall. Many people just left feeling confused, dazed, and disoriented, unable to make any sense of recurring self-defeat or self-sabotage. The biggest resistance is fear and it’s all irrational.


Trying to keep up our resistance is a stubborn, largely unconscious determination to avoid the anxious or fearful feelings of having our consoling, subjective perceptions and beliefs that limited us with which we identify, are challenged by truth and reality.


Neurosis and its symptoms are very stubborn, and overcoming them can be a person’s greatest life triumph. The process takes time, yet time itself doesn’t need to feel like a heavy load, waiting anxiously being an 'obstacle'. It is after all, just the way of life. When being pointed in the right direction, time is on our side when we see our daily life as a process, and perceive things in the moment, as accomplishments.


Unrealistic focusing on a goal that's others may see more as a possible huge let down is something to diminish; just see accomplishing as "being there, being happy to proud to have done something with one's own thoughts, even if no one else sees you do it, 'path yourself on the back'.


A quote I find helpful to sum this is: "Don’t use the recurrence of those angst symptoms as a form of resistance, which can persuade you giving up on you getting on the path, of inner freedom and self-realization.”











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