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The 'Hawker Hurricane CanCar Heritage' monument project



The  'Hawker Hurricane' CanCar Heritage Monument' project

My Artwork depicts the 'Hawker Hurricane Test Flight over FortWilliam/Port Arthur,1939 [now,'City of Thunder Bay'].

Limited edition prints, signed, verified with Certificate of Authenticity


This art [ 12" h x 18" w] will be an official incentive artwork for those who will contrbute towards the 'CanCar [Hawker Hurricane] Heritage Monument' project.




The 'CanCar Heritage Monument' will be made of 'navy blue/gray granite, tapered up 6 ft.high, being 42" across at top & 48" at base.This top piece of granite is mounted on a granite base being, 6', 4" across. [concept below].


  Concept for the 'Hawker Hurricane CanCar Heritage' Commemorative Monument project. [below] Using 'navy gray/blue granite/ with bronze inlay.




Outline of Monument & Dimensions [below]


Front view with a bronze plague in centre                      -Side View:  

[plane outline to be smaller]                                            Top to bottom depth widths are:

Top granite section is 42" across at top & 48" at the       -10 " at top.

bottom,mounted onto a granite base 64:" across           -15" at bottom

and 15" high.                                                                   -31" across granite base