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 Dr. Jane Goodall: co-signed serigraph prints  [below]




co-signed by World renowned scientist, DR. JANE GOODALL



The print titled: 'Chimpanzee Paradise' - is a serigraph print that was a commissioned art created by, Vesa Peltonen, for animal protection organization, ZoocheckCanada. [They sponsored Jan Goodall for her Canadian lecture tours]. This artwork idea was approved by famous scientist/biologist, Dr. Goodall. These were created, to celebrate her 30th year anniversary studying animals in the wild. That has been longer than any other scientist has studied one species in a particular habitat.


The Story: Dr. Jane Goodall wanted the print without herself in it. She simply suggested to show the feeling of her Tanzania habitat, with jungle, wide river and to add her favourite 'chimpanzees' into it. When Dr. Goodall finally saw it, she was most thrilled with the bold colours, well expressed and her chimps added, as part of the whole expression. She added that she liked the "whimsical happy, colourful feeling" it showed. Peltonen had the honour of meeting her, having a wonderful talk with some tea at the Sutton Hotel Suite, Toronto, well before she began her lecture tour. Vesa mentioned, "It was one of the most exciting highlights of my art career to have met Dr. Jane Goodall; a memorable meaningful experience. I was most honoured to chat with her, happy she loved my serigraphs and then to co-sign each print".   



Peltonen is the only artist whose original hand-done serigraph prints Dr. Goodall has hand signed.


Dr. Jane Goodall


Title: 'Chimpanzee Paradise'


~$3000. ea. -[usd] retail. ~ 0nly 14 left from the series of 200. Image size is 16"h x 22"w. It is a serigraph print of 11 hand done colours. This is not a reproduction, as each colour were hand pulled onto quality paper. Certificate of Authenticity included.


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artist~ Vesa Peltonen   H.B.F.A. B.Ed.