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   NFT Artworks by Vesa Peltonen.


 'ALIEN INVASION [Series]'  ~ Past UFO Phenomenon    



Aliens in UFOs have appeared throughout the ages. They've been obviously scary, being so strange. After the Early Renaissance, they appeared more often, observing & studying humans & other species.People derived explanations in past history seeking answers from the Bible.They were labelled as, "Superior Angelic Beings" that made some sense. Today we still have little evidence of understanding their purpose. To get to Earth many have thought they fly through some 'portals' to beam out from a far away galaxy or another dimension. From the Middle Ages,Baroque Period to Modern times, most who've encountered a UFO or Alien, didn't want to let others know they witnessed something bizarre, that was hard to explain.There was fear of persecution, pointed out to being possessed by the devil, studying sorcery, or having "gone mad". Scientists today say they're here observing us, experimenting with abducted human & other species


MAKE an OFFER on any one or more in this series, 'Reserve Price' is $400.[usd] each.

NOTE: I don't accept ETH at this time.


The highest Bid/Offer will receive the Artwork chosen. Bidding ends Friday, October 14th 9:pm [ESTime], then highest purchase offer receives the NFT(s) chosen. 


Links [below] are to view the 4 initial 'Alien Invasion' NFTs @ MAKERSPLACE:


Alien Invasion with Abductions


UFO Abductions of Cows


Alien Invasion of Humans & Angelic Beings


Hostile UFO Invasion of Coloseum