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I've been fortunate not only to hear, but meet many World renowned musicians especially Blues/BluesRock guitar players. Having met these four fine musicians, I've thus been lucky to collect their autographs also. NOTEThe Buyer will receive their autograph, whether they buy ONE, or all FOUR at a reduced Price.


You can purchase any one of the 4 of these famous musicians, with their autographs. [see prices below]. As a professional guitarist myself, I've enjoyed learning blues guitar mostly, but I'm also an eclectic musician/composer. I have been influenced by the unique stylings of many musicians,including these guitarists. I learned Keith Richards riffs, Buddy Guy's expression, to  B.B. King's string bending & Johnny Winter's raw slide guitar style.  


Each Artwork if printed as a giclee print would be 20"w x 26"h. You can purchase anyone or more & I will send the autograph to you. You can add it anyway you like when you make your print. That's very much up to you. These Artworks are 1/1, being the most rare to have.You can choose any one of them. They come with a 'Certificate of Authenticity'.




~Price for each Individual one is: $1350.each [usd]. with autograph.

~All Four as one Sale, would be only at: $1000.ea.x 4 = $4000 [usd] + their autographs.


Each Artwork is the same size, that of 26"h x 20"w.


Note: These 4 Artworks come separately; not as one unit as shown above. I put them

together to make it more convenient to see them all at once.


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