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Creative Non-Fiction Book - 'MIND CONTROL and Other Strange Short Stories'

This is an excerpt [one story example] from an upcoming 2nd 'creative non-fiction' book to be released later 2019. It is called:


'MIND CONTROL & Other Strange Short Stories'.


There are 35, 1 to 4 pg. short stories based on my research off & on over an 8-year period with the methodology of getting released documents, interviews, news story follow-ups, offered stories and many of my own journal notes & friends notes. These strange stories take place in mostly Central Canada and the Mid-west U.S.A.. I have had to make some re-writes, change names, places sometimes and made some alterations, addtions, and subtractions to the stories in order to dramatize them more. The stories come from real-life situations and focus on the unusual events making them suspenseful or scary. It's creative non-fiction. 






Jim Fletcher felt a warm breeze flow over across his face and hands. He was looking straight up at the clear blue sky. He felt comfortable for a moment but there was a strange feeling like a slight sore emanating from his shoulder area. His mind was fuzzy. As he put his hands on his chest and looked down at his arms he realized that he was wearing his soft blue pajama top and bottoms. Then he spread his hands out and felt a rough texture on his palms and then it all of a sudden felt very, very strange. He looked over to one side then to the other. Jim was lying down on his back on the grass outside his house. He looked all around and began feeling his heart race; a panic attack began to come over his chest making it feel tight. He slowly tried to get up with a feeling of being very stiff all over especially his legs. His feet were bare. His few buttons on his pajama shirt were opened. He looked over to his left and realized he was on the outside of his house about 8 feet away from his bedroom window, which was partly open. "This is crazy"....he mumbled to himself, as a flash of heat shot up the left side of his back.


He knew then where he was but was somewhat scared. He had no explanation for this as his mind felt becoming a bit more clear. He had his watch on and noticed it was 7:02: am in the warmth of that July morning. The sky was getting brighter. He walked up the back porch steps holding on the railing. The back door was open. As he peered inside it looked all normal to him but it was very unusually quiet. He now was wondering where his wife Julie and his 12-year-old son Jamie were. He grabbed a glass and filled it with water and drank it, then another two full glasses. He touched his chin and lower cheek and felt slightly sharp whiskers. “That’s odd”, he said to himself, He was certain he shaved the other day.


Walking to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror; he looked surprisingly tattered. His expression was a very pale worn out look. "Something is not right", he thought. He began to get irritated and perplexed. He grabbed his left shoulder and unbuttoned and spread open his shirt, since he felt a numbing feeling around the lower neck area. He then looked at his shoulder by his neck much closer. There was a brownish scar that was about 2 inches long, and the strange thing was that it was as if it had been stitched. He touched it and felt a sort of lump under it. “This is crazy", he said to himself loud now and twitched. He had not recalled seeing that before unless it was a scratch from walking underneath the low-lying apple tree branches in the backyard and got scratched, but he thought he would have remembered it.


He then desired for a coffee, that might help diminish the fuzzy head. There was some on the kitchen counter. He poured a half cup and it tasted very cool. He slipped it into the microwave to heat it up. It did taste a bit stale, but was good enough. He went to the bedroom. The bed looked all ruffled, a pillow was on the floor, bed sheets were strewn sideways as if someone was in a hurry. He felt more uneasy and he ran to his son’s bedroom. It looked much the same as if his wife and son had left quickly with some clothes and other items were in odd places that weren't normal. The TV was on. All the sound he could hear was the flapping of the curtain in his bedroom which was open wider than he first thought. There was no screen on it. He wondered where it was. He looked out the window and saw it below on the ground. The neighbourhood was quiet, but it was early morning.


Then he heard the phone ring. He quickly dashed to pick it up. It was his older brother Bill.

“Man, I’m so glad to hear your voice Bill”, Jim nervously said, “You know it has been very strange here. No one is at home on this Tuesday morning. The wife and Jamie are maybe out shopping early, don’t you figure, or something? The weirdest thing happened this morning and I don’t think you’d believe it.


Bill said, “Stop right there Jim. You sound confused and I don’t think you’d believe what I have to tell you. It is NOT Tuesday, it's FRIDAY!. Where the hell have you been? Jamie is here at my place and has been for the last 3 nights along with Julie. I called because I thought Julie had gone back to your house. I’m so happy to hear from you, we're all so scared and concerned about you... so where the heck have you been; are you alright? The police had been looking for you as were the neighbours and search party, with no clue as to where to start. Your car is still there Jim. Nothing disappeared except you. Tell me the truth Jim, please. Your Julie was almost in hysterics and had to have medication from the doctor. Please, do not leave. We’ll be over right away. Maybe we should take you to the hospital. Don’t go. Just tell me you’re fine. The Police Officer happens to be here right now, as a matter of fact. Wait now", he rambled frantically. "Okay Bill, you're overwhelming me, slow down please", Jim said quickly.


The Police Officer is using the second phone at Bill’s place, listening in, cuts in to speak...

“Don’t worry now Jim", said the cop. "This has been a serious matter. Your name was in the news. This has been the scariest ordeal your family has gone through. Our police unit had not dealt with this craziness in a while, since the murder last year of the security guard at your workplace, at the gate of the Nuclear Power Plant. Now stay put and we’ll be over in minutes. Please, stay PUT alright?”

Jim was out of breath, in a bit of shock, and uttered, “Yes, do come over, please...I will just lay on the bed-- it's ok. See you.”.


Jim sat on the edge of the bed. He was totally bewildered as to how it could be Friday when he thought it was Tuesday. He decided he’d better call work at the Nuclear Power Plant admin. and tell them he won’t be coming into work, that he would again call Monday to confirm how his condition was. Jim just sat and swayed back and forth like a child on a swing.


Suddenly he felt a pinch and another pain shooting from his lower neck area. Then it stopped. He thought he heard a distant radio somewhere. A voice came from what felt like within his body. He ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and leaned his head more to his left. Where that scar was he felt a voice- like slow murmur come clearer, with what was like a code emitting: “X L 3 4 7 7 6 6 6 P P L”.


He was astounded and felt these flashes of past visions swirl in his mind as in fast motion, seeing millions of lights pass by. He couldn’t take the over-stimulation. He quickly grabbed the small shaving scissors. He ripped off his pajama top. He tore out a fat wad of toilet paper and bit on it hard. He plunged the sharp scissor point into the scar and dug into it about an inch. Blood came flowing out. His head was throbbing. He stretched the skin apart...then with some alcohol and tweezers he poked in and with a deep breath, pulled out a razor blade size silver rectangle thin metal piece. He laid it on the edge of the sink, and dampened his shoulder. The bleeding was slow as he applied some tape over it with a napkin to cover it clean. He picked up the thin shiny metal piece that was a bit translucent that had some embossed dots and dashes on it and held it to the bathroom light. He heard no more voices inside. Then there was suddenly the sound of the front door hard knocking. He could feel a breeze coming through as it opened wide. He quickly hid the slightly blood stained metal into the drawer.


Jim then flung his morning robe over him to cover the obvious and went to the bedroom. Then he felt like all was in slow motion when he fell onto the bed on his back. He just stared at the ceiling light. Then the bulb flickered, slowly dimmed and faded off, His head turned toward the television screen that was a mix of tiny white to black pixels, like soot to snow; the TV channel wasn’t working...a hissing sound with no identifying picture. However, the TV would eventually be back on and likely it would begin with the regular news program...


...which would announce the news story about Jim being mysteriously found.




Vesa Peltonen.- This paperback Book: release by Aug. 2019



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