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Vesa Peltonen considers his art career a rewarding one, having dedicated his artistic expertise in various fields of art to design for over 30 years. Vesa Peltonen was born in Finland, however since age of 5 he has lived/worked in Canada. He is a multi-faceted with talent in art, design, music/composing, writing, as well as being a University to College Art and History professor. He lives and works in Thunder Bay and also Toronto, Ontario, as both cities provide inspiration and connecting/networking with varied clients. He attended Ontario College of Art. He completed his Art and Art History degrees at University of Manitoba, and shortly after recieved his Education degree. Peltonen also has an AQ as a Guidance Councellor specialist, also. 


Prior to being involved as an Instructor, Peltonen was a Television Art Director for 5 years, then worked in Winnipeg for two Ad agencies as an illustrator. He has been represented by several art agents off and on since 1985, that helped give much exposure of his artwork style. He has exhibited globally, in solo to group exhibitions. Peltonen is presently instructing art,design media and writing part-time. He has taught since 1985 for various education institutions from University to High School.


He has received numerous awards in painting, printmaking, photography, to design, He was asked to be an advisor for the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto, to jury Art in Education grant submissions. Peltonen is well known for his commissioned art, many in Corporate to Private Art Collections. He's created limited edition prints for special events promotion, as World Class Sports events as the Barcelona Summer Olympics, to environmental causes, as fundraising/promoting for organizations such as Dr. Jane Goodall's relevant issues.



Peltonen is presently working on future International art exhibiting. He continues his freelance designing, on his own terms, also.

"It's a motivating way to work. I just need my laptop, travel light, thus able to teach courses on line as well as do designing, on my own terms from any country, as I do love to travel".


He had founded 'Global ArtXchanges' organization in 2007 with the purpose of  creating a sustained art development, helping needy youth worldwide in impoverished to war-torn areas to receive proper art supplies, as for example, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Peltonen has won awards in juried exhibitions for photography, painting and also in the graphic design field. He was awarded the City of Thunder Bay Culture/Heritage Award 2006 for his Visual Art endeavours that had benefited the city and region of N.Ontario.


He was asked to be an Art advisor representing N.W.Ontario as one of several in selecting Arts Education grants for the Ontario Arts Council in 2002. He has made it a point to advise, educate students and the public that "Art is a most integral part of Community," which he continues to focus on in writing and some lecturing.


 'Art-icle' Blog about Vesa Peltonen & 'Global ArtXchanges':


 Article/Review Claudia Moscovici ~Novelist~Writer/Fiction & Art criticism - Michigan, U.S.A.




Vesa Peltonen/Artist ~Review via LinkedIn  Jan. 6, 2015


I have been observing your work for a while now, Vesa (because you are wisely persistent on Linked-In). Today I decided to take a closer look at your work via your website. 

As a life-long fine artist, I am very impressed with the style of painting you have developed. Naturally, we artists are constantly instructed to "follow the shapes" and that "detail 

kills a painting". As such, your abstracted style of depicting imagery works those precepts with great skill and visual effect. 

Very nicely done.


- Karl Bronk- Bronk Communication Productions, owner/art director, artist, Boston




The following are Corporate Art Collections:


Bombardier Inc.,Thunder Bay/Montreal
Via Rail, Canada

Canadian Embassy, Norway

Canadian Embassy, Japan
Ontario Provincial Government
Manitoba Provincial Government
Newfoundland Provincial Government
Molsons Canada Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Confederation College, Thunder Bay
Victoria Inn, Thunder Bay

CBC Radio & Television, Toronto

Airlane, Travelodge Hotel, Thunder Bay
Canada Games Complex, Thunder Bay
Pan Am Pool/World Aquatic Museum, Winnipeg
Whistler Mountain Condominiums, B.C.
Dominion Motors GM office, Thunder Bay
Royal Bank of Canada, Calgary 
Shell Canada, Winnipeg  

Barcelona Summer Olympics, Spain's Sports & Culture Centre 
Wing Contractors, Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay City Hall, Thunder Bay

Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto
Amateur Hockey Assoc. of Canada, Ottawa
National Ballet of Canada, Toronto


Commissioned works/Related Art Positions~ last 30 years:


1981- Canada Summer Games - created commemorative print series
1981 -World Jr. Hockey Gold Medal Championships -created commemorative print series

1983/84 -Aquatic Museum of Canada, Winnipeg, created 4 prints for promotional gifts.  
1985 -Designed art into prints depicting famous Canadian ballet dancer, Karen Kain. She co-signed each of 125 limited serigraph prints for a successful fundraising effort.

1985 -Travel Lodge Hotel, Thunder Bay.- commissioned to create prints for hotel. 

1988 -Commissioned to design/produce 125 commemorative prints, for the 'World Ladies Curling Championships' won by the Canadian team. 

1989- Invitation to participate in the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, National Ballet of Canada fundraising Group Art Exhibition. Peltonen sold 6 artworks in the one week showing.  

1991 Zoocheck Canada, Toronto, commissioned Peltonen to create prints to commemorate famous Dr. Jane Goodall's 30th anniversary as an animal scientist, [She co-signed each of the prints].

1992- 1992 Summer Olympics- Barcelona, Spain.- Designed sand carved glass gifts. 

1993 –Won 1st place Award for Painting at Thunder Bay Regional Juried Art Exhibition.

1994 –Peltonen won the bid to produce large murals, glass carved sculptures to many watercolours depicting train coaches, manufactured at Bombardier Inc. 
1994- Worked on the ‘Merchant Marine’ Monument project, Thunder Bay waterfront. Peltonen designed the sculpture for the monument's well as the brochure mail-outs for raising funds.

1995 -World Nordic Championships -licensed to produce 'glass design' collectables.

1995-The Definitely Superior Gallery, Thunder Bay, Canada [2009],'

1996 - Solo Art show, Triangle Lounge/Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1997 -Won a commission create original art for the Victoria Inn's new executive suites plus add prints for all hotel rooms.

1997 – Artist in Residence- World Boy Scout Annual Jamboree Celebration-

Thunder Bay, Ont.

1998- 1 week Solo Art Show - Omega Gallery, Red Lake, Ontario

2001- Solo Art Exhibition at ‘Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay

2002- Artist in Residence -Lunenburg, Nova Scotia ~ Helped raise funds with area artists for a new Art Gallery plus directed workshops on mixed media and creative photography

2003- Art Education Advisor’ for the Ontario Arts Council representing N.W.Ontario. He recommended that Thunder Bay should have an Ontario Arts Council 'office' to increase the applications, which was accepted.

2004 – Regional Solo Art Exhibition’ 'Highway Fusion',-, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, ON

2007- Founded –World Youth arts humanitarian org. –'GLOBAL ArtXchanges’

2007 – Won the City of Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Award in ‘Visual Arts’ category.
2000-2009 –Ongoing Commissions of ‘Artist Concepts’ of coaches for Bombardier Inc.
2007-Commissioned to create 3 Via Rail watercolours, to prints for VIA Rail & Bombardier
2007-Peltonen's music composition added into 'Thunder Bay Blues Fest' compilation CD.
2010- Commissioned to create and produce a 'Commemorative Artwork' depicting the essence of the 'World Jr. Baseball Championships' - [sold nationally/worldwide]

2012 -Group Art Show - Bizune/Moniker Art Gallery, Toronto 

2013-Hosted an 'Art Talk' radio show: 'Creatively Speaking' discussing relevant art news topics for KFNX 1100 Independent Radio, Phoenix, Arizona.

2016- Solo Art Exhibition -'[7 weeks] at the 'In Common' Gallery/Lounge, Thunder Bay.

2016- Invited for June, 2017 Solo Art Exhibition at 'Altamira Gallery', Havana,Cuba.

2016-2017- Was selected to be among 100 artists, showing his art in the renowned 'Inspirational: International Art Book'. 4th & 5th Edition. [selected over 4000 submissions]. 

2017 -Thunder Bay Art Gallery annual art auction. Vesa Peltonen has always had his art sell, when he contributed to his favourite auction for fundraising, since 1990,