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Vesa Peltonen has had a rewarding career only in art/design fields for over 35 years. Peltonen was born in Finland, and has lived most of his life in Canada. He is multi-faceted, working on his art, design, writing to music/composing. Presently he is a semi-retired Art instructor for University and College. His 2nd home is Toronto, Ontario where he resides part of his time. His inspiration has been north Ontario vast landscape, while Toronto is motivation with art/design opportunities. Peltonen attended Ontario College of Art, Toronto. Later he completed his Art & History degrees at University of Manitoba and Education degree at Lakehead University. He is also a qualified Guidance counselor.  


He started in design positions early on, as Television Art Director to an Illustrator for an Ad agency. He has been represented by several art agents off & on since 1983, who gave his art wider exposure/sales in North America. He has exhibited globally, in solo to group exhibitions. His artworks are in many international, private to corporate art collections. The Ontario Arts Council, Toronto invited him as Advisor, as one of a jury of 3, for Art Grant selecting.


Peltonen has been well known for many art commissions, especially serigraph prints for special events in sports to entertainment. He's created limited prints to sell in World Class sports events from the 1983 Pan Am Games, Winnipeg, to the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics. A highlight in his career was an art commission for renowned scientist, Dr. Jane Goodall's 30th anniversary of animal study. He met her in Toronto, as she co-signed each print, before her Canadian speaking tour, sponsored by Zoocheck Canada.


Vesa Peltonen founded 'Global ArtXchanges' organization 10 years ago, with the purpose of helping needy youth worldwide in impoverished places to receive only proper art supplies, for countries like Nepal, to Cameroon, with the help of the those regions' local organizers. 


He won the City of Thunder Bay annual' Culture/Heritage Award 2006 in Visual Art, for his onging artistic efforts to benefit N.W.Ontario. Peltonen has written & given lectures focused on the topic of, "Art being very integral to all community's survival, no matter the size, to enliven people, help economy, by partnering with the business sector, thus providing an enriched vibrant environment to live in."




Vesa Peltonen/Artist ~ Review via 'LinkedIn' -   January 6, 2012


I have been observing your work for a while now; Vesa, [because you are wisely persistent on Linked-In]. Today I decided to take a closer look at your work via your website. As a life-long fine artist, I am very impressed with the style of painting you have developed. Naturally, we artists are constantly instructed to "follow the shapes" and that "detail kills a painting". As such, your abstracted style of depicting imagery works those precepts with great skill and visual effect. 

Very nicely done.


- Karl Bronk- Bronk Communication Productions, owner/art director, artist, Boston. Mass.




Highlights of ART EXHIBITIONS to ART EXPERIENCES     [20-year period]


 -Thunder Bay Art Gallery Annual Auction – Contributed Art for 2018


 - Artwork Published in 4th - 5th ed: -2017/’18 ‘Inspiration International Art Book’


 - Solo Art Exhibition-- ‘In Common’ Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON, Sept./Oct.- 2016


 - Group Art Show- Altamira Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba, - International artists    Entered 6 artworks - (2 week exhibit/open talk - June, 2016)


 - Group Art Exhibition- Monaco annual Art Exhibition, Europe, (2014)


 - Group Exhibition – Moniker Gallery, -Richmond St., Toronto, ON (2012)


 - Awarded ‘City of Thunder Bay, Culture & Heritage Award’-for Visual Art (2007)


 Thunder Bay National Art Gallery -Thunder Bay (Sept. / Oct., 2004) - Solo Art Exhibition-Major Regional Artist’s, Solo Exhibition Series – Theme: ‘Highway Fusion’


- Advisor Juror for Ontario Arts Council -Toronto, ON, Canada- (2002) Asked to represent N.W. Ontario, as jury advisor to select best Art proposals for Ontario Arts Council ‘Education Grant Funding’ with 4 art advisors.


-Awarded:Artist in Residence’-Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, [World Heritage Site] Created workshops in Mixed Media & Creative Photography. Helped to raise funds along with local artists for their new art gallery – (July/Aug. 2002)

Definitely Superior Art Gallery- Solo Exhibition -Thunder Bay, ON -Mixed Media Artworks (August 2002) 3 week showing.
- Co-ordinated Bi-National Art Exhibition - Collaborative Student Art Exhibition ~Palo Alto District School/L. Angeles & Pikangikum, ON, Art students (2001)
Solo Art Exhibition - Marek Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 1998)