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Vesa Peltonen  BIO                                         

Artist, /Designer, /Art, Art History, Media Educator




 509- 130 S. Brodie St. P7E 6M3  Thunder Bay, ON Canada 1-807-768-4877

Peltonen Art ~ Vesa Peltonen   H.B.F.A. B. Ed


I am a Canadian artist, a designer, an art educator, and a musician/composer, with a rewarding career in the varied art fields for over 30 years. My artwork has been noted as bold and colorful. I have progressed over a long period studying the ever changing environments that are around me, creating landscapes in various ways. My style has gone through realism, expressionism, minimalism,abstract, impressionism and has come out sideways having eventually having charceristics of much of them show up in my art style. It is oftena fusion of styles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Presently, I part-time instruct as a University Art & Art History prof./instructor. Since 2013, I have been involved in more art Exhibitions, numerous ones outside of Canada. I have received awards for my watercolor painting, print-making and photography. I had been asked to be an Art advisor for the Ontario Arts Council, which expanded my connections and experiences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Having travelled abroad, I have immersed myself in many world cultures. Having done so, it has been inspiring to discover new ways of seeing things, through how other people perceive the world around them.  I have been known for having designed artworks to limited edition prints for many world-class events, as commemorative serigraphs, for fundraising purposes.


Some notable commissioned art and limited-edition prints have been created for such events as the World Jr. Hockey Championships, the Canada Summer Games, the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, as well as for the National Ballet of Canada. I have helped in fundraising/promotion for environmental to animal causes. One most notable Art Commission was from ‘Zoocheck Canada’, in Toronto. They have been an animal protection organization, since 1985, who have sponsored speaking tours of well-known environmental, animal scientists.


The Special Commissioned work was to Commemorate the 40th anniversary of renowned animal scientist, Dr. Jane Goodall, of her continuous work with mainly chimpanzees in their habitat of Tanzania. I produced a set number of limited prints showing her Tanzania African habitat, and her two favorite chimpanzees, [which was the way she perfered it to be].Dr. Goodall loved the Art, delighted with the colors.  It was a great honour to meet & chat with her over some tea, before she co-signed each print. It was a successful promotion, with prints being sold during her lecture tour; a most memorable experience.


My Artist Statement ~ Vesa Peltonen  


~My art process is like cooking something new, starting with a recipe, then I put aside that fixed plan, allowing my creative mind to flow into the mix. My art exploration has been a long progress with varied art styles; however, my approach has not been rigid to any set of assumptions. I have discerned my art as being a ‘fusion’ or ‘eclectic’. My influences are from what I have experienced, perceived, and learned, having been inspired by many artists. When motivated to create, I immerse myself into my art process, so my work becomes a stimulus for my introspection and the viewers’ contemplation. It is my engagement in whatever is the subject matter that fascinates, that becomes the artistic journey I always found my faith in.


Whether I have created with watercolor paints, mixed-media or a printmaking method, it’s the varied bold forms, pronounced colors, to striking patterns, and textures that occur to unify my compositions. Each artwork I create has varied percentages of planning and spontaneity. When I produce my art, it involves utilizing varied tools, for manipulating the elements, be it with traditional or, and hi-tech methods that feel right to proceed with. My ‘thinking’, ‘looking’ and ‘doing’ are essential components of my creating, but will shift in order, accordingly, while it is progressing. When I feel my art is complete, then it's time to allow myself to indulge in the savory visual blend.





~ARTCADE NFT Gallery, Beverly Hills, L.A. - Group NFT digital Art Exhibition (2022)

~Thunder Bay Art Gallery Annual Auctions – Contributed Art from (2002 - 2019 Auctions)

~Art Productions NY City' -Art agency- I was represented by them, Internationally (2018-2020).

~Artwork Published in 5th Ed: -2018 World distributed -'Inspiration International Art Book’

~Group Exhibition: 'Giclee Gallery'- Paris, France. (Sept, 2018)

~Solo Art Exhibition-- ‘In Common’ Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON, (Sept./Oct.- 2016)

~Group Art Show- Altamira Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba, - International artists  [Entered 6 artworks] - (3 week exhibit/open talk - June, 2016)

~ Art Exhibition- Monaco Annual Art Exhibition, Europe, (2014)

~Group Art Exhibition - Lisbon, Portugal, Corrado Art Gallery (2013)- with 2 other artists 

~Group Exhibition – Richmond Street Gallery, -Richmond St., Toronto, ON (2012)

~Won - ‘City of Thunder Bay, Culture & Heritage Award’-for Visual Art (2007)

~ Solo Art Exhibition `Thunder Bay National Art Gallery -Thunder Bay, ON (Sept/Oct. 2004) Major Regional Artist’s, Solo Exhibition Series – Theme: ‘Highway Fusion’ Series 36 artworks

~Co-ordinated Bi-National Art Exhibition - Collaborative Student Art Exhibition

 Palo Alto District School/L. Angeles & Pikangikum, ON, Art students (2003)

~Art Education Advisor/Juror for Ontario Arts Council -Toronto, ON, Canada- (2002Asked to represent N.W.  Ontario, as jury advisor to select best Art proposals for Ontario Arts Council ‘Education Grant Funding’ with 3 art advisors.

~Awarded as an 'Artist in Residence’- in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, [World Heritage Site]. Created workshops in Mixed Media & Creative Photography. Helped to raise funds along with local artists for their new art gallery – (July/Aug. 2002)

~ Solo Art ExhibitionDefinitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON -Mixed Media Artworks (August 2002) 3 week Exhibit.

~Solo Art Exhibition - Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 1998)- SOLD OUT.

~Solo Art Exhibition -Red Lake Art Gallery, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, (May, 1997)





 City of Gifu ~ Japan 

Embassy of Canada, Oslo, Norway

Barcelona, Spain,~ Sports and Cultural Center

Government of Ontario ~Aquisition

Government of Manitoba ~Aquisition

Government of Newfoundland ~Aquisition

National Ballet of Canada, Head Office, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Convention Center, Toronto

Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal

Bombardier Head Office, Montreal, Canada

Molson's Brewery Corporate Office, Toronto

Bombardier Canada Manufacturing Plant, Thunder Bay

Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Canada

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada

AirlineTravelLodge Inn, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Victoria Inn Hotel, Thunder Bay, 

Canada Game Complex, Thunder Bay

Wing Construction, Thunder Bay

Dominion Motors, Thunder Bay

Badani Chevrolet Motors, Thunder Bay

Shell Canada Corporation, Winnipeg. Manitoba

Parish Heimbacker Corp., Winnipeg

Pan Am Pool- Aquatic Museum, Winnipeg

Winnipeg Hockey Arena,  Winnipeg

Royal Bank of Canada, Calgary

Whistler Mountain Ski Resort, British Columbia