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Patterns are Everywhere, Including Skies.


'Lake Superior North Shore Sunset' [see in website images]


There has been some especially beautiful sunsets in N.W.Ontario this winter. To live in a wide open community, as Thunder Bay, Canada, sunsets are still noticed and discussed is a great joy. We are often called 'experts on the subject of weather', since we have a variety in our seasons. Here at least, people still look up from their cell phones long enough to notice that there is a sky up there. I can imagine a cartoon showing someone staring at an hi-tech screen that is showing a beautiful photo-shopped sunset while outside an even more spectacular real one is lighting up the sky. Or better, a bunch of kids walking home from school playing away at games on their Ipods or phone pods and unaware of a wondrous sunset over their shoulders.


The sunsets have been getting more exceptionally lately in my edge of the city woods. (It may have some bearing to climate change also.) An evening in our mild January there was a red ribbon lying right on the horizon, stretching from the south behind an old house all the way around to the west. It looked about a thumb's width. Above it was a graduation of blue with some lovely intrusion of magenta stretch across the lower middle sky area. It was not only awestriking but unique from any sunset I had ever seen in a while.


So many cloud formations certainly give variety to art. There are names for various forms. A mackerel sky resembles a pattern of fish scales as the name suggests. Horsetail clouds are long, wispy things. Sun dogs look like little suns, but not as bright. They appear about mid-morning or late in the afternoon on one or both sides of the sun, and almost always rain or snow will fall within twenty four hours. Thunderclouds remind me of giant morel mushrooms pushing up from the horizon. Science has given names to the various cloud formations but the fascinati, butng thing is that whenever they re-appear, they vary of course from the precise patterns they formed the last time. They are simply shapes and patterns in my perception.


Skies are full of inspiration, that stays in ones mind. Using a professional quality camera will capture best the colour and subtle tones, being close to what is perceived when naturally looking up and around.