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Art Is Integral for All Communities



'Junction Highway 11-17'   - Limited Edition Giclee print  - Vesa Peltonen 

An original piece of art or a quality print is a passionate creation reflecting the soul of the artist and in turn your soul, as a buyer in choosing the art piece. An artwork can provide inspiration, escape, and beauty and encourage conversation. Buying art from an artist begins a unique and personal relationship that will last for a long time.


Art should be first a personal ‘investment’, as opposed to buying it as a commodity.  You as a buyer should enjoy and feel what the art means to you, since you may not be able to sell it, thus you should buy because you love it. You are the owner of a work of art, the only one of its kind. You are purchasing into heritage and you as an art purchaser insure this heritage will continue to live on, evolve and inspire the next generation.


Artists can help to educate the public to be more creative, innovative and imaginative citizens, and to see things in a new way. Art can stimulate thinking and cause change in the statements of its visual content. Art is a vital part of our community to be integral in many areas, to enrich and enliven people. It also compliments the business sector to help give ideas that make the city structures and spaces more interesting, adding new forms, and colours to the places around us.


Life would be boring without creative thought behind community growth and artist and their art plays an important factor for our economy also.  


A vibrant arts and culture conscious community is the one of the best necessary factors to make this possible, thus ensuring the survival of the community, no matter what size and where.



~Vesa Peltonen    H.B.F.A.  B.Ed.


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