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Vesa Peltonen, Fashion Designer Collection with Vida & Co.

Vesa Peltonen 'DESIGNER COLLECTION' with VIDA & Co. /Women's casuals 

My 'Vesa Peltonen Designer Collection' for mostly women's casual fashion wear with Vida & Company [San Francisco] 

My 'Peltonen DESIGNER COLLECTION' hand-done casual wearables samples



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Below are some sample designs I created with VIDA & Co. of women's casual line of quality silk to cashmere varied scarves and t-shrts, & Wraps. Also there are non-wearables as travel 'tote' bags and two pillow styles, again with original art, all 'open editions', not mass produced.


Varied Quality Silk to Cashmere scarves


Cloud Breeze

Gold Rush



                                               Cosmic Forms







Blue on Blue








 Sheer Wrap



Multi-wear Wrap [ variations]