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'ANXIETY AND THE ARTIST WITHIN, Finding New Meaning in Your Art'


My 2nd book: 'Anxiety and the Artist Within'Finding New Meaning in Your Art'

[cover above -9" x 6" -160 pgs]



I'm a Canadian author with University degrees in Art and Arts History. I've had a rewarding career happily being in the various art/design fields from a television art director to a University art professor, through 40 years, but always creating artwork, keeping on learning. I also have my AQ in Guidance Counselling and Art Therapy. 


I would like to relate my experiences as an artist that are helpful to other artists who are having anxiety related issues from stressors that may cause ups and downs to more profound angst issues to distress or worse. I would never think to stop the learning process in Art especially, which I place much trust in, The book is to share my knowledge, with advice with medical related specialists, providing motivating ideas that they provided me that would motivate creative persons in any arts area to help themselves get back on track. I share my own experiences in the hopes that the reader can relate to their angst situations that may be causing a block, to hitting a wall of confusion that has caused one to lose their interest in creating the thing they love to do, being an artist.


As an artist, have you ever lost interest in the thing you love doing the most? Have you ever looked at a large white paper and it caused anxiousness. It happened to me! 

I suddenly lost interest in creating with acrylics and watercolours twice, last time was several years ago, which had been a passion for a long time and what occurred after was rather profound.  


Added to my situation as I was beginning to feel better was, unfortunately, a car accident not long after things were feeling upbeat. 


When one is into their art, the unexpected happens. Progress stops. It's Life, not a failure.


I was hit by a car going through a red light. Lucky to stumble out of totalled new but well built new VW, I suffered whiplash, PTSD, 3 neck discs compressed causing nerve pain.  I became disinterested in more things. I also had memory lapses and off and on depression. I don't have much memory of the 3 mts. after. I needed chiropractic treatment each week for a year then less after that. The accident put me in a situation with no normal income for awhile, except using my funds from my Teachers' Pension plus my Investment funds. 


This incident set me back, with a lack of focus and multi-tasking was not to be for awhile, and with severe to moderate migraines, which prior I hardly had headaches. .


My mind and body lost its old schedule, decided to put me into a delayed shock waking up 4 days later with the most severe migraine nausea one could imagine. I had to see many professionals. After Cat Scans MRI and X-ray it was also concluded that I had 3 of my top neck discs degenerated and caused severe pain in my neck to my left shoulder. Medication and physiotherapy were needed. After I had much fatigue, and as time went by lesser symptoms occurred, from restlessness to irritability and anxiousness. Soon however, something began to perk my interest back into art. I had also after this incident lost interest in other pleasures as playing piano, guitar to recreation.


One thing that helped was my doctor advising me to get away from the stressors in my environment. So I went to Toronto, Montreal and Miami. It was an amazing change feeling a more normal state, with a happier sense about me and less migraine/neck pain. I even brought my art portfolio and unexpectedly sold some art in Toronto and Miami.


When I got back home I was looking at my older art, then with only able to exert myself so much still weak, having bouts of fatigue. However, determined with a new vision,  I began scanning/photographing my past art and photos inputting them into the computer and then manipulating them into new creation using the art/design applications. That began my therapy slowly and back into the enjoyment of creating art, still having chiropractic treatment, and yoga exercise for loosening sore muscles and meditative breathing to reduce anxiety. 


What Purpose Does this Book Have?


There are so many creative people that I have read about that have lost their creative urge, not on the same happy path as before. I hope this book will help to bring out that Artist within them, as I convey my experiences and solutions for anxiety issues, to depression and even to the darker side of feelings and then regaining new energy. 'I SURVIVED MY ANGST' is a t-shirt I created. If of interest let me know.

This book is not one of those how to make quick money as an artist books. It's motivational ideas with interviews of others in the arts who explain their related issues of being 'stuck', with no true new inspiration.


ANXIETY AND THE ARTIST WITHIN' is more about 'Art as therapy' to re-inspire ones' inner creative self which has been in some void psychologically from anxiety to depression and other affects keeping one from moving ahead and being thrown off a schedule. It could be the fear of failure, depression, life becomes overwhelming, to too many pressures. If you have had a love of creating art then it can surely be revitalized again, maybe in a different way and direction in arts.


That's what my book is about;- To help you relate and confront those negative blocks and periods of doubt that get in the way of creativity; One can start rejuvenating their mind, can recharge, and also move on to working on new art mediums, even new directions. 



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