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BLOG:The Domino Effect &The Path of An Artist [Keeping on Promoting.]



Aug. 2013  INTRO BLOG:


The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step.”  Lao Tzu


There’s no such thing as an overnight success or a lucky break. I've worked on my art for 35+ yrs. with what I'd rather call accomplishments, off and on, as opposed to the word successes. 'Success' can be interpreted various ways. For most people that is what they strive to achieve, and too often it is a fleeting thing. Success needs to be relaced by 'accomplishing', Each thing you do in any area, step by step, you become in charge with the knowledge you have found, having been mentored and shown, challenged to do problems solving, It's knowing and just saying to yourself, you're being self resourceful. When 'stuck' it's not failure, it's a learning experience. You soon or later may get up and move on. Asking questions is important, It's about achieving;- finding something new.


That's about discovering on your own thus it's not about how 'smart' you are, it's having determination to keep trying. If things don't quite work out, at least, you can look back and feel good you tried. Often it may be abamdoned, not thrown completely away. Maybe later it's the right time to rework with the best elements your still have and it's very possible you may just get up early morning and see your results are before you on a table in the right direction, pattern or form. So don't give up, listen to your intuition. Don't listen to those who may be jealous, who don't understand, who may criticise. 


You have your own path and know and have the faith to carry on. Follow your dream. If no one is there to say, "That's an amazing idea", then pat yourself on the back and know you have the right direction well done.. 

The famous phrase comes to mind, that of "Thomas Edison having gone through a thousand light bulbs, not giving up, and over time he saw what was needed, until that 1001 light bulb finally worked." 

Successes are achieved, challenging yourself slowly, over time, and then at some point, you liken the path to success as a long row of dominos, neatly lined up.  Each one represents an accomplishment or a desire.  The last domino in the very back is the big one – it’s what will happen when I can finally say “I’ve found success.” However I can't say that's it; I need to keep going further.


For me, that big domino may be the day that I'm accepted into the finest gallery in New York City.  Or it could be when you reach a certain dollar amount in sales.However me being accepted into a top N.American Gallery in May, 2013 made a huge turn in my career. It was meeting the 'Art Fusion Gallery' in person. I sent them my e-mail/attached artwebsite. They loved the style right away. 


All the other accomplishments, desires to skills were ups and downs first. That is all essential to the path of me as an artist. Some of the dominoes I have knocked over in the past two + decades have been (in this order): >Getting the commission to create artwork for the Corporations/Organizations; selling a painting for $2000. I had done often enough small to large exhibitions went to major trade shows and connecting with agents right there. Also getting a license to sell art prints for World class events several times makes it exclusive.[see example art below].Commissions of art for a new buildings I made $20,000. Then it seems nothing happens after, so I had to promote/propose ideas. Being in the art business for over 25 yrs really allowed me to look back and see how the little achievement has led to the next. 

In the beginning, you don’t realize the importance of the succession. But as time goes on, I stuck with it and saw how one domino knocks down the next, and the next. One has to keep on top and try to get as much media exposure as one can. I have and it helped get the next commission, agents or/and gallery representation. I do work that I like and am glad it is appreciated by galleries. 


bg_20151378841540.jpgExample: World Jr. Hockey Championships Commission to create 300 limited prints 1982.


bg_20171378842371.jpgArt prints co-signed by famous ballet dancer 'Karen Kain' -1985.



August/'13: Agents to Art Gallery representation  [Promoting My Art Further]


From creating promotional material, advertising,sending e-mails, cold calling possible clients,galleries, to getting articles written about achievements and exhibitions, these are what one has to do to keep on moving further. So with having had several agents over the yrs. with some that were great, they do come and go, so one tries to find another representative. However over the yrs I found myself to be much experienced at making the contacts. That does take time.I should be doing my art. Then after awhile I know my clients pretty well and know which direction to head in to grab those opportunities, with a safe risk.

One has to expand one's art market, since selling in one's area may be limiting. This is the reason to get the attention of galleries/agents globally. Having a good track record with a consistent style helps. This is why [jumping ahead to the present situation], I have been able to impress the well known galleries. The 'Art Fusion Gallery' in Miami began as a e-mail. The artwork images stood out with good  themes. So eventually a trip to Miami resulted in about a 2 hour meeting. They had seen my art website, so talking in person was much easier to explain but the art spoke for itself. I hit the right place. Partly intuition/partly good planning, is the key. I'm at a new level for more art exposure.


bg_20221378993506.jpg'Art Fusion Gallery', Miami [A well established gallery with great clients]



September '13: Solo Art Exhibitions Create Much Exposure and Sales [follow up on buyers].


A good example is my Regional Solo Exhibition in 2004. I had an actual 2 month show of my 34 pieces of Art with the theme called 'Highway Fusion'. In National Galleries they don't show the prices generally, so it is put on the gallery's counter book with the artwork names & prices. One has to talk to the potential buyers giving them the prices, whether friends or people who really look keenly at the art and just don't come for a drink. It was very successful, with 3 newspaper articles as free promotion. I followed up before,during & after the exhibition & sold 11 art pieces. Rather good sales. 

I have had exhibitions in Vancouver, Calgary, Thunder Bay, & Toronto [some several times] plus some small towns. One builds a following, so I don't underestimate small towns with art interest.


A Newspaper photo [this went along with article/ [b x w photo]



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