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Water Casts a Spell; a theme for Awhile in My Art.


This image seems to say what I feel, more than words could express.

Jacque Cousteau btw is in my list of the 50 most important people that have given

their time to our Earth and all species including helping human kind.




Why am I drawn to water? Well it has to likely do with the fear I had of water as a young

child...not sure how that came to be, could be several reasons.Now I never really swam 

well at all, needed the comfort security of my feet touching the shallow bottom. I did like diving

in the water with snorkel and mask, but still not in deep water. I would not jump from high up in

to water; heights scared me likely more. There may be some relation there. I had no real

serious problem going to the pool or beach and slowly wading into the aquablue; would like

it, but was aware how far the deep was. Pools were not bad since they had the depth showing.

It wasn't until later I practised swimming and got the hang of it, floating and eventually swimming

in several methods, -I enjoyed the back crawl. 


I think there was a subconcious fear that related to 'death' in conotation to water. It seemed easy to drown. That was certainly obvious as a kid. 

I had some passing thoughts later in life of ways to die...committ suicide. It was not a planned out

thing, -just the thought of what would happen. Simple question. They do say drowning is a much

less painful way to pass away. It's just fascinating pondering of art and psychology, but I think many people especially if depressed often have had suicidal thoughts. Mine were never to want to, but again it is a mind exploration. 


My images lately now have been directly involved with water and figures. It's not so much the content

but the colours of blues, of figure. The series is the ;Under The Water' series. 12 I've done in the last

year up untl August 2013. Prior I had explored waves coming onto shore. it often showed sky and 

sea,and clouds billowing above or just far on the horizon, in a minimal way. This eventually turned to

the fascination of figure expressed in water. Then it was figure and just water, with no relation to any

thing, [not showing a shore or pool edge for example]. Then it was a bit more ambiguous, sort of 

abstract at times. So content often obvious, then less obvious as I thought through it. I kind of zoomed

closer into the water, resulting in vast space to relation of figure and background or vice versa. From

above view to a light angle. Thetop views seem more ambiguous, again with the abstract quality. Once

I get the figure and water structure done, having worked from my photos as well as my imagination, it 

changes quite a lot -not photographic for many. Here is an example: 'Under The Water #4 and #8.


bg_20191378860345.jpg\Under The Water #2'  [more detail, but still no definite figure-expressive].

[see my art prints link on this website for all artworks]


bg_20201378860604.jpg'Under The Water #8. [more abstract than prior one]. 16" x 20"


Much of my 'Under Water' series is about 'anxiety, fear, phobias' & such,
which we all have & I try to convey it in a bold, colourful expressiveness,
so that one does not see any immediate focal point, and that is it.
The viewer I hope sees shapes with a kind of ambiguity. It is content/theme,
but also forms, uplifting colours that help give them aesthetic appeal in general
-to hide the 'suspense'. .


'Under Water Figures' [mix media/digital]. 

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